on Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Plan your route to a real retirement and find your way around once you're there.

A Learning Event


Even if your retirement is way off in the distance you need a good map to get you there. If you have already arrived in retirement you need a guide to help navigate retirement's twists and turns. At Real Retirement Roadmap, some of the Seattle area’s top financial, legal, and retirement experts will be on hand to guide toward or through a really great retirement. Discover how to build the wealth you need, create a lifelong income, protect your assets and much more. Plus, we'll ask Tom to bring more candy.

“You know that retirement is coming. It isn't as though it just shows up one day and takes you by surprise. So you need to get ready for it.”

— batya Shevich, author

Saving to Spending


Arriving at a really great retirement requires a fair amount of wealth along with a plan to generate a lifelong income. No matter what path you take there will detours, challenges, and unimagined problems. A successful journey to retirement requires not only knowledge of the routes you might take, but recognizing the opportunities and pitfalls. Taking advantage of possibilities and confronting problems often requires knowing where to turn for help. Our Real Retirement Roadmap speakers have decades of combined experience travelling these often torturous trails.

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The Best Offense is...


...a great defense! To protect your self from future problems; knowledge is your best defense. Get a better perspective on the retirement road ahead and start mapping your route to the best possible future by spending  Saturday, September 10th learning from some of the foremost authorities on money, the law, and life issues.

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Retirement eludes many, yet we keep fooling ourselves into believing it will be okay. 


of Americans have saved nothing for retirement (40% of baby boomers)

National Institute on Retirement


of American couples have less than $50,000 saved for their retirement.

Economic Policy Institute


are confident the will have enough money to retire comfortably (how?)

Employee Benefit Research Institute

You know you need a Real Retirement Roadmap!